Francfranc 25th Anniversary Video

In 2017, Francfranc celebrated 25th anniversary. In this special 25th year, we started off a new journey, which lead us to the next era. Theme of the year is “VOYAGE”, we revisit our root in Southern France in spring, then go on a summer vacation in Morocco, while London is our autumn destination, and lastly, celebrate Christmas in the snowy Paris. With millions of thanks to your support over the last 25 years, we started on the journey for next step, hoping to be a beloved company, which keep offering the colorful life.

Let's check out our style movie themed “Colour”!
Our first theme is “ROOTS” of Francfranc, which we gained from the life style of south France as we opened our first shop.

This is our memory of our root:


Our second theme is “SPICE” representing our playful mind and amusement.

Find the SPICE in our products and remember they are always with you for making your day more attractive.



"Colors of Francfranc" video 3: "QUALITY"

Handmade items have a soul, filled with positive energy of their makers that enrich our lives. 

Francfranc handmade crafts mainly come from India, where high quality standard is upheld for decades.



"Colors of Francfranc" video 4: "DESIGN"

We find lots of inspiration in the multicultural city – London. 

New dining trends sparked off in London during the 1990s, leading to a surge of modern British restaurants not only serving a fusion of traditional British food with foreign influences, from French to Mediterranean, but also pursuing the interior design to match with the cuisine. This brought along a change in dining environment and tableware, which was closely related to the Modernism design movement and seismic shift in city lifestyle.

And Francfranc is here to bring fashionable contemporary designs to modern homes.



"Colors of Francfranc" video 5: "LOVE:
With the annual theme – VOYAGE, we get inspirations from all over the world. South France, Morocco, India, London, and the last stop is PARIS - the world's leading cultural center for fashion and art. 

The idea of LOVE is devote yourself to loving others. 

Discover Paris's dazzling Christmas markets and French lifestyle with Francfranc.