Workshop - Dried Flower Jewelry Box

In collaboration with local artist from Flower Forests, we held this workshop in Francfranc Causeway Bay store, for registered guests to customize their own jewelry box with Francfranc's LAMULE Glass Box and dried flower.

Let's take a look how these gorgeous crafts are made.

To get started, place the pressed flowers on glass box surface and play around with different flower arrangements. Once the design is set, take a snapshot of it for reference and set them aside.

Slowly pour a small amount of glue on the glass as base. Dab a small amount of glue on the largest flower and carefully glue it to the surface. Follow with the rest of the smaller flowers and petals, until arrangement is complete.

Spread the resin over with craft stick to secure the flowers in place. Put it under UV lamp for quick drying. Once the first coat of resin has dried, add a second coat to make sure the whole glass surface have been properly coated. 

Each LAMULE glass box is made totally unique and astonishingly beautiful with real pressed flowers. Perfect for keeping your favorite jewelry pieces, as well as a special gift with personal touch.

We regularly organize in-store workshop, schedule will be announced on our Facebook fan page and Instagram page. Follow us to stay tuned for upcoming events, and join our workshop to unleash your creativity!