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    Color: PINK
    A refreshing mint joins the popular opal shell series.
    A cute but tightly packed teapot with a shell motif and opal processing.
    The pearl motif on the lid gives a cute accent.
    It is healed every time you use it with a round shape with a colon.

    * The above products have individual differences such as color and texture. Francfranc considers all products to be non-defective, and we do not accept returns or exchanges, or specify colors or textures when purchasing. Please note the product characteristics before ordering.
    Size: W214 × D117 × H104mm Capacity: 500ml
    Material: Ceramic
    ● Microwave oven: Impossible
    ● Oven: Impossible
    ● Dishwasher: Impossible
    ■ Due to product characteristics, there are individual differences in color.
    ■ Opal processing may peel off depending on the usage conditions. Be careful of stacking and rubbing with cutlery. If it peels off, be careful not to swallow it.
    ■ When cleaning, please wash your hands with a sponge. Do not soak or disinfect with boiling water.
    ■ In rare cases, if the metal cutlery is rubbed strongly, metal marks will adhere. If it adheres, use a special remover.
    ■ Country of origin: China

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