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    A pink diatomaceous earth bath mat with lovely perfume design. The amazing water absorbing power and antibacterial ability keeps it... Read more
    A pink diatomaceous earth bath mat with lovely perfume design. The amazing water absorbing power and antibacterial ability keeps it dry and clean all the time. A useful and adorable addition for your bathroom. Super absorbent-Water can Be this soaked up by the tiny holes on the mat. When water accumulates to a certain level, it will release some water back to the air accordingly. In this way, the surface of the mat can be kept dry all the time. Antibacterial- Diatomaceous earth can adjust the moisture itself, making the mat great for preventing propagation of bacteria. Easy maintenance -No washing is needed. Just dry it naturally. When the water absorption ability gets low, you may grind the surface with sandpaper gently. Dry it once or twice a week. Dry it once a week for summer and three times a week for winter. Do not expose it in sunlight or wash it with washing machine. Including sandpaper (paper and abrasives)
    Size: W510 × D400 × H10mm Load capacity: Approximately 80mm (when used on a flat surface)
    Material: Diatomaceous earth, plant fiber
    * Before use *
    Since this diatomite bath mat has a small amount of powder attached to the surface during manufacture and packaging. If it is used as it is, the color may adhere to the floor, clothes and skin. Wipe off the powder with an unnecessary towel before use.

    ■ Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose. It may cause an accident or damage.
    ■ Due to the characteristics of the material, chips and fine powder come out on the surface, but since it comes out naturally from the ingredients, there is no quality problem.
    ■ Since the back surface is not processed, the floor may be damaged.
    ■ There may be a slight warping in manufacturing.
    ■ Do not use the product on the floor. It may cause damage.
    ■ Do not use the product directly in hot water or water or in the bathroom.
    ■ Do not immerse in hot water or water for a long time or apply a large amount of hot water. It may cause deterioration or damage.
    ■ Please dry it after several uses. Do not dry in the sun or with heating equipment. It may cause warping or cracking.
    ■ Do not use in places with floor heating.
    ■ After use, please dry well and store with the mat upright.
    ■ Use on a flat surface with hardness. If pressure is applied to the mat or it is used in a soft place or a highly cushioned place, it may cause cracking.
    ■ Do not use detergents containing surfactants as this may cause clogging.
    ■ If water absorption drops, it can be recovered by thinning the surface with sandpaper.
    ■ If colored water is absorbed, it may remain as a stain. html>

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