23XMAS Starter Set 180cm Green

SKU: 1111070060661
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23XMAS Starter Set 180cm Green
23XMAS Starter Set 180cm Green
23XMAS Starter Set 180cm Green
23XMAS Starter Set 180cm Green
23XMAS Starter Set 180cm Green
23XMAS Starter Set 180cm Green
23XMAS Starter Set 180cm Green
23XMAS Starter Set 180cm Green
23XMAS Starter Set 180cm Green
23XMAS Starter Set 180cm Green
23XMAS Starter Set 180cm Green
23XMAS Starter Set 180cm Green
23XMAS Starter Set 180cm Green
23XMAS Starter Set 180cm Green
23XMAS Starter Set 180cm Green

23XMAS Starter Set 180cm Green

SKU: 1111070060661
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Francfranc Christmas tree set, which is very popular every year, is here again this year!
Choose from 3 colors to match your room: classic green, candy-like pink, and gorgeous gold.
Everything you need is included in the set, so you don't have to worry about coordinating it.
Pink Tree is stocked with 51 extremely cute ornaments such as bears and candy. Enjoy the exciting time of Christmas by decorating with your family and loved ones.
Tree top is also included. A well-balanced total coordination can be achieved easily.
The tree skirt has a double structure that will not damage the floor. While gently protecting your room, it also brightens up the base of your tree.
There are 8 types of LED light lighting patterns. Lights up in two colors: warm light and pink. Another great feature is that it is battery operated (3 AA batteries, sold separately), making it easy to move the tree from one place to another. If you light up the tree, it will look completely different. The dazzling sparkles will enliven the Christmas mood.
Adding ribbons and chains throughout will greatly improve the look. For an instantly gorgeous finish.
Francfranc trees have a luxurious feel due to their depth and volume created by the abundant number of branches. It has a presence that can be enjoyed as a nude tree without any decorations.
In the off-season, store it in a cute box package. It has a safe design that allows you to store everything from the tree to the ornaments neatly.
We also have a 180cm height type that boasts an outstanding presence, a 60cm type that is perfect for small spaces, and a wall-mounted type that is perfect for homes with pets and children. Celebrate the holiday season with excitement with Francfranc Christmas trees.

[Set contents]
Tree top x 1, tree bottom x 1, pole x 2, legs x 3, leg base x 1, chain x 2, tree top x 1, ribbon x 1 , LED light x 1, ornament x 51, tree skirt x 1 set (2 pieces)
Size: W550 x D550 x H1800mm
Material: Plastic, iron
Care Instruction

■This product is for indoor use. Please do not use outdoors.
■Please do not use it for any purpose other than the tree.
■Please refer to the assembly instructions provided separately and assemble with two or more people.
■Please place the product on a stable and level surface when assembling or installing it, as there is a risk of it falling over.
■Do not use near fire.
■Please refrain from placing excessively heavy decorations on the branches. Doing so may cause it to fall or be damaged.
■This product is made of metal, so please be careful not to get injured when assembling it.
■Please use and store in a dry place as it may cause rust.
■Depending on usage and storage conditions, the product may change color due to light or humidity.
■Please use and store away from direct sunlight.

■Size: Approximately 700mm in diameter
■This product is used at the base of the tree. Can be used for trunks of approximately 90mm or less.
■Please use indoors. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight or lights may cause discoloration.
■Dark colored items may fade or transfer due to water or friction. When storing, do not store together with white or light-colored items.
■Do not use near fire.
■This product cannot be washed. If it gets dirty, wipe it off with a tightly wrung cloth.
■Fuzzing and pilling may occur due to friction from use.

<Ornaments, tree tops, ball chains>
■As these are handmade, there may be individual differences in shape and size. Please note that this is a characteristic of the product.
■Please handle with care as it may break due to impact. Do not use items that are damaged such as chips or cracks.
■ If you touch parts with glitter, the glitter may fall off or adhere to other surfaces.
■Decoration may peel off, fade, or transfer due to use. Please handle with care when using and storing.
■Do not hang ornaments in high or unstable places, and decorate them evenly. This may cause you to fall.
■Please be careful not to fall due to hanging.
■Some tree tops cannot be decorated with anything other than real trees. When decorating, please secure it as it is dangerous if it falls.
■Please be careful in the event of an earthquake.
■Please use and store out of reach of small children and pets.
■Due to the design of the ball chain, color unevenness tends to occur easily, but please note that this is unavoidable due to the manufacturing process.

■Size: Approximately L3800xW50mm
■Due to the design, the wire at the tip may protrude, so please be careful when decorating.

■Batteries: 3 x AA batteries (sold separately)
■Please insert the batteries, paying attention to the direction of the positive and negative ends.
■Do not use old batteries or different types of batteries together.
■Old batteries may leak and damage the main unit or surrounding items.
■Please remove the battery if you do not use it for a long period of time.
■If battery fluid comes into contact with your eyes, wash them with clean water and seek medical treatment immediately.
■LED lighting patterns can easily drain the battery. (Estimated continuous lighting time: approximately 6 hours)
■If the light becomes weak or stops lighting, please replace the battery.
■The light will automatically turn off after about 6 hours of continuous lighting. It is designed to turn on again after 18 hours have passed.
■When not in use, press and hold the switch to turn off the power.
■Do not use near infants and be careful not to swallow it accidentally.
■Country of origin: China

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