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    Recommended for those who want to start living with delicious coffee at home! A narrow-mouthed drip pot that allows you... Read more
    Recommended for those who want to start living with delicious coffee at home! A narrow-mouthed drip pot that allows you to easily brew coffee with a hand drip.
    Since it is a narrow mouth type with a constant neck thickness, you can slowly pour hot water with a constant amount of hot water, and even beginners can brew coffee with a stable taste.
    Since there is a scale on the inside, you can easily measure the appropriate amount of hot water.
    If you boil water in your kettle and then replace it with this pot, the temperature will be just right, so it is convenient to start drip immediately.
    Size: W210 × D85 × H120mm Capacity: 500ml
    Material: Body / lid: Stainless steel (silicone resin coating)
    ● Microwave oven: Impossible
    ● Oven: Impossible
    ● Dishwasher: Impossible
    ● IH: Impossible
    ● Direct fire: Impossible
    ■ Please read the instruction manual carefully before use. Please give me.

    ■ Check the main unit for cracks or damage.
    ■ Before using for the first time, wash thoroughly with a soft sponge soaked in dish detergent, add boiling water and discard from the spout several times.

    ■ This product is for coffee drip.
    ■ Direct fire, IH, and microwave oven cannot be used.
    ■ Transfer the hot water boiled with other equipment to this product, and cover it before use.
    ■ After pouring hot water, be careful not to get burned by steam from the steam holes of the main body / lid, spout / lid.
    ■ When using, do not tilt it sharply, but pour it slowly.
    ■ Do not immerse the main unit in cold water while it is hot, as it may cause deformation.
    ■ Please do not put it in the freezer.
    ■ If the product is deformed or damaged, stop using it immediately.
    ■ Do not place near a fire or near a stove. It may cause burns, deformation of the product, or discoloration.
    ■ Do not add salty foods such as soups and sports drinks, alcohols, milk drinks, and pulp as it may cause rust, putrefaction, and clogging.
    ■ Do not leave the liquid inside for a long time.
    ■ Do not repair, disassemble or modify.
    ■ Do not give a strong impact such as dropping it from a high place.
    ■ Be careful not to rub it with a hard object as it may cause the paint to peel off.
    ■ The paint may peel off due to the chemicals contained in alcohol, hand cream, etc.
    ■ Please use and store out of reach of children.

    ■ After use, please use dishwashing liquid diluted with lukewarm water.
    ■ If the inside of the main body is difficult to remove, use oxygen bleach for about 30 minutes.
    ■ Do not soak and wash as it may cause paint peeling, deformation, rust, etc., and do not use alcohol, chlorine bleach, thinner, benzine, alcohol, metal scrubbing brush, scouring powder, cleanser, etc. Please give me.
    ■ Please do not use the dishwasher / dryer.
    ■ After cleaning, wipe off the moisture as soon as possible and dry it well.
    ■ Insufficient care may cause stains, discoloration, odor, and paint peeling.
    ■ Spotted red rust and scale may adhere during use due to the adhesion of iron contained in water and the action of impurities.
    ■ In this case, put lukewarm water with about 10% vinegar in the main body, wait about 30 minutes, and then wash thoroughly with a soft sponge.

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