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SKU: 1105120035747
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This is a popular Sophistine series fragrance oil set (refill).
It is a set with a stick, so you can purchase it at a great price.

We created a relaxing and attractive fragrance with heavy accents in the refreshing scent.

Refreshing scents of marine notes, lemon, cedarwood, etc.
・Top: Lemon/Mandarin/Green
・Middle: Marine/White Lily Jasmine
・Base : Musk/Cedarwood/Amber

[How to use]
Refill the Sophistinth Room Fragrance Sweet before using.
Please insert the attached stick and use it indoors.
At the beginning of use, the number of sticks is small (2 to 3 sticks), but the scent is strong.
If you feel that the scent is not enough as time passes, please increase the number of sticks as you like.
Size: W55×D70×H310mm Capacity: 250ml
Material: Ethanol, fragrance, plastic refill).
■Do not mix with oils from other products.
■Also, when adding oil, be careful not to spill it.
■Can be used for about one time.
■Duration of fragrance: About 3-4 months with 6 sticks
*Varies depending on usage conditions and environment.
■Alcohol: 80-85%
Flash point: 12.8℃
■Branch sticks: 6
In the summer, the amount of oil will decrease rapidly at the beginning of use, but it will evaporate slowly after a certain period of time. Become.
■The scent remains on the stick even when the oil is low.
■This product contains alcohol. Never use near fire.
■This product is an air freshener for indoor use. Do not use for purposes other than intended, such as drinking or applying directly to the skin.
■ This product is not food or drink. Be careful not to swallow it by mistake.
■If you put it in your mouth or swallow it, immediately spit it out and rinse your mouth.
■If it gets into your eyes, wash it off immediately.
■In any case, please consult a specialist immediately.
■ Do not spill or touch oil on furniture, electrical appliances, plastic products, floors, clothing, etc. Doing so may cause discoloration or damage to the material. Be sure to place it on a flat surface, such as a saucer, before using.
■Please keep it far enough away from the wall. Color transfer may occur.
■Keep away from children and pets, and use and store away from direct sunlight and high temperatures. As it may cause leakage, please close the lid tightly when storing and do not lay it down or turn it upside down.
■With continued use for a long period of time, your nose may become accustomed to it and it may become difficult to perceive the scent.
■Due to the characteristics of the product, sediments and discoloration (including discoloration over time) derived from the ingredients may be seen, but there is no problem with use.
■Country of origin: Japan

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