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    [2020 model] In 2019, the popular Fle Handy Fan that can be used on the table or on the mobile... Read more
    [2020 model]
    In 2019, the popular Fle Handy Fan that can be used on the table or on the mobile is now available in a new color and design.
    The air volume is 1.4 times more powerful than the 2019 model. In addition, it realizes about 50% noise reduction. It's a rechargeable powerful mobile fan that's easy to carry, so it's great for outdoors.

    Powerful 5-step wind + rhythm wind
    The air volume can be easily adjusted with 5 steps in the weak to strong mode + rhythm wind. A powerful type that you can feel the coolness of the portable type. The strong wind is also effective in preventing heat stroke.

    I am glad to support 2 power supplies
    Supports 2 power supplies, USB power supply and rechargeable battery. You can also charge from the dedicated charging stand or the USB port of your computer. When using a rechargeable battery, charging is completed in about 4 hours. Continuous operation is possible for approximately 2 hours with strong wind and 9 hours with weak wind.

    Carrying “cool”
    Because it is a convenient cordless type, you can use it freely. Of course, you can put it on your desk and use it in various scenes such as festivals, events, watching sports, commuting, and around the desk.
    Because the power switch is dented, it prevents malfunctions in the bag and can be used safely.
    A swing function can be added by using an optional rotating stand.
    Size: W103 × D37 × H218mm Cord length: About 78cm
    Material: Body: ABS, Flip: PP, Lithium ion battery
    ■ Air volume: 5 steps adjustment + rhythm style
    ■ Accessories: Dedicated charging stand, USB cable for charging, strap, instruction manual
    ■ Batteries: Lithium ion storage battery

    ■ Charging time: Approximately 4 hours
    * It may take an extremely long time depending on the power supply capacity of the connected device.
    ■ Charging times: About 300 times
    ■ Power supply: DC5V 1000mA (USB rechargeable)
    ■ Continuous use time: Maximum wind power for about 2 hours to minimum wind power for about 9 hours
    * Use It depends on the strength of the air volume.
    ■ Separately sold parts: Yes (dedicated rotation stand, dedicated clip)
    ■ Instruction manual: Yes
    ■ Warranty: Yes Warranty period: 6 months

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