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    A bath towel with a simple design and color that is easy to use. The size is 60 cm x... Read more
    A bath towel with a simple design and color that is easy to use. The size is 60 cm x 120 cm, which is easy to use for both men and women, and if you match the color with the face towel, the bathroom will be neat and tidy.
    A towel with a color and design that can be used by both men and women, so it can also be used as a gift.
    Towels produced in the Senshu area of ​​Osaka, the birthplace of the Japanese towel industry about 130 years ago. Blessed with good quality groundwater in the Izumi Mountains, it is known as the best environment for bleaching and dyeing.
    Senshu Towel consistently uses a unique manufacturing method called the "post-bleaching manufacturing method".
    "Bleaching" is a method of removing impurities attached to threads and bleaching them white.
    When weaving towels, glue and wax are attached to the threads to maintain their strength, but these oils and impurities are removed, and then bleached and washed with water. The consistent process is called "bleaching". The "post-bleaching method" of Senshu towels is performed after the towel is woven. By performing this process in the pure groundwater of the Izumi Mountains flowing through Senshu, various stains are removed and the towel is produced cleanly, resulting in a towel with excellent water absorption and a soft feel that is safe and secure.
    Size: W600 x H1200mm
    Material: cotton 100%
    [Precautions / Remarks]
    ● The color may change if it is exposed to direct sunlight or light for a long time. Due to the characteristics of the material, fluffing, fluffing, and pile removal may occur.
    Please avoid using fabric softener for the first few washes.
    ● Dark colors may fade or stain due to rubbing or washing. Do not leave it wet for a long time.
    ● Please use the waste removal net and the laundry net together and wash them separately. Avoid tumble drying, arrange the shape and dry in the shade.
    ● Due to its characteristics, the pile thread may pop out, so do not pull or catch it.

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