MODERNO Sofa Navy x Ivy (W2050×D820×H830)

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    MODERN WORKS We are aiming to become a new “Normal Standard” of furniture that will create a comfortable room with... Read more

    We are aiming to become a new “Normal Standard” of furniture that will create a comfortable room with furniture, rugs and art that match the Japanese lifestyle.

    All frames are framed in black steel to give it a sturdy image, while the frame is delicate and the center of gravity is low, giving it a modern urban feel. ..
    Also, the corduroy fabric is used for the seat and back, and the contrast with the woven fabric of the frame can be enjoyed. The inner frame is made of radiata pine from New Zealand, which is robust, and by using high-density urethane, you can use it with confidence for a long time.

    Scandinavian design in a new genre
    Scandinavian design sofas have few steel-based sofas, but the vertical and horizontal balance is modern, and In addition to adopting a soft fabric, the front surface of the seat and the corners of the frame are R-shaped, resulting in a product with a Nordic taste. It has achieved industrial modern design and a new genre.

    New Zealand radiata pine is used for the structural members of the seat. Compared to normal pine wood, it has fewer knots, so there is less variation in the wood and uniform strength can be maintained. Uses high-density urethane for the seat urethane. It is a structure that is harder to pass than normal density urethane. Also, by constructing the entire frame with steel, extremely strong strength has been achieved.

    Corduroy fabric
    The seat and back are made of a corduroy fabric, which has an unusually thick line. The color scheme is highly fashionable, and the whole design is designed so as not to give a retro impression. The balance with steel is a product that allows you to enjoy cozy urban and neat coordination. It's a rare sofa that you can't find anywhere else, but it's also recommended for a wide range of tastes.
    Size: W2050×D820×H830mm
    Leg length: 210mm
    Material: Upholstery: NV/Polyester, Nylon IV/Polyester, Rayon, Cotton, Nylon
    Frame: Steel epoxy resin paint finish
    ■ Finished product
    ■ Accessories: Leg adjuster
    ■ Back cushion cover is removable (dry cleaning possible)
    ■ Instruction manual: Yes
    ■ Country of origin: Vietnam

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