Sofa and Ottoman

BOSCO Leather Sofa Dark Brown (W1980 × D910 × H750)

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    (Pre Order Online - Available in 3 months)MODERN WORKS We are aiming to create a new standard for furniture that... Read more

    (Pre Order Online - Available in 3 months)

    MODERN WORKS We are aiming to create a new standard for furniture that will allow you to create comfortable rooms with furniture, rugs, and art that match the Japanese lifestyle. A luxury leather sofa with a Although it has a sense of volume, the simple legs have a balanced overall design. Leather (cowhide) uses a high-quality top leather (cowhide skin), so it will become familiar to the skin as it is used with A moist texture, so you can use it forever. Also, since leather is a natural material, it may become moldy when used in humid locations or when used less frequently. In order to reduce mold generation as much as possible, care is also reduced by using leather on the part where the body touches when sitting, and PVC of the same color as leather on inconspicuous parts such as the back and back. The seating surface is designed to be lowered as you go from the front to the back, and. it has the function of reducing slipping when sittIn addition, by using a small feather inside the seat surface, you can enjoy a soft and unique sitting comfort that is unique to natural materials. In addition, the back cushion is made of a urethane plate as the core material and wrapped around Natural feathers have a unique settling over time, so urethane cores are used to reduce them. In addition, it is possible to select two patterns of back cushion hardness by removing the urethane, and when the stickiness becomes stronger after many years of use, the hardness can be adjusted by inserting urethane.
    Size: W1980 × D910 × H750 (SH415) mm
    Material: Zhang: Cowhide / PVC, Leg: Steel epoxy resin coating
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