PRINCESS DAYS Christmas tree 

A Christmas tree based on the concept of 5 princesses "Cinderella", "Ariel", "Bell", "Jasmine" and "Rapunzel" is on sale   ! 

A gorgeous champagne gold tree body, round ornaments with silhouettes of famous scenes, tulle tree tops, and luxurious tree skirts create a simple yet gorgeous Christmas.

A Christmas tree that creates a special time like a magical moment

This Christmas tree is irresistible for Disney princess lovers, with ornaments filled with the world view of the five princesses and a tree skirt with an original Francfranc design. It is a Christmas tree unique to Francfranc that gives you the excitement of decorating the tree, your own special space to enjoy Christmas, and the time you spend with your loved ones.

Decorate the tree with ornaments depicting scenes from the story

A collection of ornaments that allow you to enjoy the story of the princesses while decorating them!

In addition, you can coordinate the cute tree with a ribbon that expresses the color of each princess.

Gorgeous like a princess with a tree skirt with an original emblem pattern and a voluminous tree

Add a touch of glamor with a tree skirt with an original emblem pattern that combines five princess motifs!

In addition, it is an item that will brighten up your room just by decorating it because it is a tree that you can enjoy a voluminous feeling with a rich number of branches and types of leaves.

Set contents that can decorate the tree gorgeously

A starter set that includes all the ornaments with character illustrations, LED lights and tree tops that can be lit up .

From assembling the tree to decorating, you can enjoy everything with this one set!

A tree anyone can build

Anyone can easily assemble a gorgeous tree.

You can freely enjoy decorating with your favorite ornaments.

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