Adjustment of Business Hours 營業時間調整通知

 【Francfranc 營業時間調整通知 Notice on Business Hours Adjustment


Thank you for visiting Francfranc. In response to latest COVID-19 development and in order to flexibly deploy manpower, business hours of our shops will be temporarily adjusted from 21 Apr. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

HOMESQUARE         11:30-20:00(Mon-Sun)
ISQUARE                   12:00-20:00(Mon-Sun)
CAUSEWAY BAY       12:00-20:30(Mon-Sun)
CITYPLAZA                11:30-20:00(Mon-Sun)
CENTRAL                   11:30-19:30(Mon-Sun)
OLYMPIAN CITY        12:00-20:30(Mon-Sun)
POPCORN                 11:30-20:30(Mon-Sun)
YOHO MALL               11:30-20:00(Mon-Sun)