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    Color: LIGHT PINK
    A new color has appeared in the popular Noor tea bottle.
    A refined bottle designed in the form of various diamonds in a simple form.

    Since it can be heat-resistant up to 100 ° C, you can enjoy simple herbal tea by adding herbs such as mint to the strainer.
    The size fits perfectly in the refrigerator pocket, and is the perfect capacity for a 1L barley tea or other watering pack.
    The spout is removable so it is easy to wash and easy to use.

    * With strainer.
    * You can also use an optional bottle stopper.
    Size: W91 × D91 × H335mm Capacity: 1000ml
    Material: Polycarbonate, acrylic, silicone
    ● Microwave oven: Not possible
    ● Oven: Not allowed
    ● Dishwasher: Not allowed
    ● IH: Not allowed
    ● Direct fire: Not allowed
    -20 degrees
    ■ Do not use in the freezer. Freezing will increase the volume and cause damage.
    ■ Do not place the product near fire or in direct sunlight.
    ■ Do not give an excessive impact.
    ■ If you find any small scratches or cracks, discontinue use.
    Do not use as a storage container.
    ■ Do not put alcohol, alcoholic or carbonated drinks, boiling water or soups.
    ■ Please close the cap when storing.
    ■ Do not place horizontally.
    ■ Lifting or kinking of the packing may cause liquid leakage. Use it after confirming that the packing is properly inserted in the groove on the back of the lid.
    ■ Soak a soft cloth with neutral detergent and wash with lukewarm water.
    ■ Please avoid using chlorine bleach when cleaning.
    ■ Avoid boiling disinfection.
    ■ Country of origin: Korea

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