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    Color: LIGHT BLUE
    It is a popular cushion cover every season with 5 steps of wide frills.
    Since the frills are made of a thin, transparent fabric, it is soft, delicate and sweet.
    The glittering slit thread stripes are studded with soft-colored flowers, creating a gorgeous atmosphere.
    Size: W450 x D450mm
    Material: Body 100% cotton, 100% frilled rayon
    ● Washing: Not possible
    ● Dry cleaning: Not possible
    ■ Tumble drying: Not possible
    ■ Iron: Not possible
    ■ Due to the characteristics of the product, there may be slight variations in size and color pattern.
    ■ Due to the characteristics of the material, it may discolor when exposed to direct sunlight or light for a long time.
    ■ The color may fade or transfer to other colors. Be especially careful of rubbing when wet.
    ■ Friction may cause fluffing and pilling.
    ■ Slit thread (lame thread) is a material that is easy to break due to its characteristics. It is very delicate and easy to pull out. Once pulled out, it cannot be fixed. Please note.
    ■ Do not pull with strong force when installing.
    ■ Be careful not to get caught in the frills.
    ■ As the appearance may change, it cannot be washed with water or dry cleaned.
    ■ If it gets dirty, wipe it gently with a cloth that has been wrung out tightly.

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