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    Color: PINK
    A quilt cover with a luxurious design with an ornament pattern in jacquard weave.
    Since the molding thread and metallic thread are woven, the fabric has a sense of depth and a luxurious finish.
    The part that hits the bare skin is smooth to the touch, so you can fall asleep comfortably.
    Size: W1500 × D2100mm
    Material :100% polyester%
    ● Washing: Possible (weak 30 ℃)
    ● Dry cleaning: Impossible
    ■ Tumble drying: Impossible
    ■ Iron: Possible (low temperature)
    ■ Due to the characteristics of the material, it is long against direct sunlight and light. It may discolor when illuminated for a long time.
    ■ The color may fade or transfer to other colors. Be especially careful of friction when wet.
    ■ When washing, please put it in the net and wash it alone.
    ■ It shrinks when washed with water.
    ■ Do not leave it in a wet state for a long time or leave it for a long time to wash it.
    ■ Avoid tumble drying, please shape and dry in the shade.
    ■ Please avoid using bleach.
    ■ Fluffing and hairballs may occur depending on the specifications and washing.
    ■ Please use a cloth when ironing.
    ■ This product uses slit thread (lame thread). It is a material that is easy to cut due to its characteristics. Also, because it is very delicate, it is easy to pull out. Once pulled out, it cannot be fixed. Please note. Also, be careful of strong friction on the skin.
    ■ Please note that static electricity is more likely to occur than natural materials.

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