MITIS MEMORY FOAM RUG Large Brown (W2000 × D2000 × H48)

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    Color: BROWN
    A low-resilience rug that feels comfortable every time you walk.
    The popular Meets slag, which is said to be comfortable to the touch, is made of a 1.8 cm thick low-resilience material to give it a fluffy and fluffy feel.
    It feels good, so it is recommended for those who spend a long time on the lag.
    Since the back side is anti-slip processed, it is safe because it is light but does not slip easily.
    Size: W2000 × D2000 × H48mm
    Material: Pile: 100% polyester, back side: non-woven fabric (non-slip processing), middle material: urethane foam
    ● Hand wash: Yes
    ● Dry cleaning: No
    ■ Iron: No
    ● Floor heating: Yes
    ● Hot carpet: Yes
    ■ Kotatsu: Yes
    ■ Due to product characteristics , There are some variations in size, color, texture, etc.
    ■ Due to the characteristics of the material, it may discolor when exposed to direct sunlight or light for a long time. In addition, color fading or color transfer may occur.
    ■ Friction during use may cause fluffing, fluffing, and pilling.
    ■ Synthetic latex is used for the latex of the middle material. It may deteriorate depending on usage and storage conditions. Please avoid using or storing in hot and humid conditions.
    ■ If you are concerned about the smell of latex, please improve the ventilation. It becomes thinner as you use it.
    ■ The back side is anti-slip processed. If it is used in the same place for a long time, the resin on the back side may move to the floor, so check it regularly and change the position before use.
    ■ Avoid using a vacuum cleaner with strong power as the thread may break or be pulled out.
    ■ Can be used with floor heating and hot carpets.
    ■ When storing, it may have creases when folded, so store it in a rolled state.
    ■ Please wash your hands gently when washing.
    ■ Avoid tumble drying, please shape and dry in the shade.
    ■ Please avoid using bleach and fabric softener.
    ■ Do not leave the product wet for a long time.
    ■ Please note that the latex of the middle material may deteriorate due to repeated washing.

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