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    Color: IVORY
    A table runner made of lame fabric. The gorgeous look makes it suitable for parties and Christmas. Subtle gray color, also perfect for everyday use. * LUCE in Italian means light.
    Size: W1500 × D360 × H2mm
    Material: 100% cotton, slit thread used
    ● Laundry: Not allowed
    ● Hand wash: Allowed
    ■ Washing machine use: Not allowed
    ■ It may change color when exposed to direct sunlight or light for a long time.
    ■ Because of the dark color, it may lose color due to friction or washing with water, or it may transfer to other colors. Pay particular attention to friction when wet.
    ■ When washing, do not wash your hands in the washing machine course.
    ■ Please do not leave the product wet for a long time and do not leave it in place.
    ■ Do not tumble dry, please shape and dry in the shade.
    ■ Please apply a cloth when ironing.
    ■ Slit yarn is a material that is easy to cut due to its characteristics. Because it is very delicate, it is easy to be pulled out. Once pulled out, it cannot be fixed. Please be forewarned.
    ■ Due to the characteristics of the product, the product is made larger than the indicated size because it shrinks when washed with water.

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