BATH Drop Heart

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    This is an inedible bath product. 7 kinds of bath drop balls filled in a glass jar. Enjoy your bath with different flavors everyday.
    Size: W105 × D80 × H100mm
    7 bath capsules (contents: 8g each)
    Material: Mineral oil

    Place a bath capsule in hot water (approx. 200L) and stir well before taking a bath.
    Please use in the bath.
    ■ Please stop using if it does not fit your skin.
    ■ Please keep out of reach of children.
    ■ The hot water contained in this product can be used for shampooing and washing, but it should not be used in combination with a softening agent, freshly garmented clothes, or laundered, and rinse with clean water.
    ■ Do not place the product where it will be exposed to high temperatures and humidity or direct sunlight.
    ■ Quality will not change even if the color changes or fades.
    ■ Be careful when handling in the bathroom as glass containers are dangerous to break.

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