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    Color: WHITE
    set of refills and sticks for Charo Room Fragrance.
    It is the capacity for about one time.
    A funnel is attached so that it can be easily put in a glass bottle.
    Size: W57 × D57 × H270mm Capacity: 85ml
    Material: Bottle: PET, PP, Funnel: PP, Liquid: Solvent, Fragrance
    ■ Duration of scent: Approximately 1 month
    * Depends on usage conditions and environment.
    ■ Stick: 7 wood sticks
    ■ Alcohol content: None
    Flash point: 70 ℃ or higher
    ■ This product is for refilling only for Charoo Room Fragrance Matte White (pastel savon). Do not mix with other liquids.
    ■ When using, please transfer to a fragrance container.
    ■ Please use the stick after transferring the liquid to the container.
    ■ Do not use for any purpose other than its intended purpose.
    ■ This product is not food or drink. Please be careful about accidental ingestion.
    ■ Avoid high temperature, direct sunlight and fire, and use and store out of reach of children and pets.
    ■ When storing, close the lid tightly and do not lay it on its side or turn it upside down. It may cause a leak.
    ■ Depending on the usage and storage conditions, the liquid may become turbid, precipitate, or in rare cases discolor, but there is no problem with the quality.
    ■ If liquid spills, wipe it off immediately as it may damage furniture and walls. Also, please use it away from the wall surface.
    ■ It is not food or drink. Please be careful about accidental ingestion.
    ■ If swallowed, consult a doctor immediately, ask for instructions, and bring this product for diagnosis.

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