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    Color: WHITE
    This reed diffuser refill allows you to keep your current ARBOL reed diffuser topped up. You can pick up a diffuser vase and sticks and add this scent to create your own reed diffuser.
    Size: W48 × D48 × H11mm Capacity: 130ml
    Material: PET, fragrance (synthetic), solvent (oil)
    ■ This product is a refilling oil exclusively for Arbor Fragrance Diffuser.
    ■ Scent duration: approx. 1. 5 to 2 months (* Depends on usage and environment)
    ■ When using, please fix the PET bottle firmly to the wood stopper.
    ■ This product is not for drinking.
    ■ Be careful not to touch the fragrance oil with your skin as it may cause allergies.
    ■ Fragrance oil is for this product only.
    ■ Do not use if the container ceramic is cracked or chipped.
    ■ The wood may be moldy or cracked.
    ■ Due to the nature of the fragrance, the color may change over time.
    ■ Although there are rare cases where a small amount of suspended matter or white orientation is seen, there is no problem in quality.
    ■ Flash point: 70 ºC

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