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    Color: GREEN
    With inspirations from the goddess of flower in Roman mythology, these fragrance beads infuse scents that contain different messages. The soothing scent will give you a comfy and calming feeling. The glass jar and colorful fragrance beads also make It a wonderful decoration for small space like washroom or entryway. Pure Lily of the Valley: Delicate scent of Lily of the Valley. Relaxing aroma of musk and cedarwood blends perfectly with the scents of raspberry and apple. The message of Lily of the Valley … Pure, Calm, Happiness
    Size: W70 × D70 × H85mm
    Material: Polyacrylic acid, sodium chloride, solvent, fragrance

    (1) Remove the golden cap and peel off the film on the bottle.
    (2) Please set the cap on the main body again.

    ■ Fragrance period: About 3 weeks
    * Varies depending on usage and environment.
    ■ Please understand beforehand that the size, shape and color of the beads may vary.
    ■ This product is not food or drink. Please be careful about accidental ingestion of infants and the elderly.
    ■ Use and store out of reach of children and pets.
    ■ Beads swell when they contain moisture. Do not flush the contents to the drain after use. It may cause piping clogging.
    ■ Wipe off any liquid or contents immediately as it may damage furniture.
    ■ Do not store or use the product where it freezes or freezes.
    ■ Use and store away from high temperature, high humidity, direct sunlight and fire as it may cause discoloration and deformation. The beads may become smaller or the liquid may increase slightly.
    ■ This product has no deodorizing effect.

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