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    Color: WHITE
    A room fragrance with cute dried flowers on a trendy amber colored bottle. Gold is used as an accent, and urban finish and luxury finish in natural. The aroma is slightly woody and luxurious. Blood orange & geranium Top: Blood Orange / Bitter Orange Middle: Jasmine / Geranium Last: Tonka Bean / Sandalwood / Amber / Nutmeg
    Size: W77 × D36 × H260mm Capacity: 150ml
    Material: Glass, solvent, dried flower, etc.
    ■ The estimated duration of fragrance is about 2 months.
    * Depends on usage conditions and environment.
    ■ Flash point: 70 ºC, Alcohol: 5%
    ■ Branch sticks: 5
    ■ Please slowly insert several included sticks. If you insert it all at once, the liquid may spill out.
    ■ The fragrance can be adjusted according to the number of sticks used. * If the fragrance is strong, reduce the number of sticks.
    ■ If you change the stick up and down every few days, the fragrance becomes stronger and you can enjoy the spread of the fragrance.
    ■ When replacing, be careful not to get liquid splashes or liquids on your clothes, floor or furniture.
    ■ This product is not food or drink. Please be careful about accidental ingestion.
    ■ If you swallow it, consult a doctor immediately, ask for instructions and bring this product for diagnosis.
    ■ Use and store out of reach of children and pets.
    ■ Be careful not to touch the fragrance oil with your skin as it may cause allergies. If it gets on your skin, wash it off immediately. See your doctor if you have any abnormalities on your skin.
    ■ If you feel unwell during use, stop using it and ventilate it.
    ■ Use on a flat surface.
    ■ Be careful not to fall over the shape of the bottle.
    ■ Dried flowers are natural materials, so there are variations in size and shape. During use, the color of the dried flower may change, but please understand it as a material characteristic.
    ■ Use and store away from high temperature, direct sunlight and fire.
    ■ Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
    ■ Depending on usage and storage conditions, the liquid may become turbid, precipitate, or rarely discolor, but there is no problem with quality.
    ■ Because there is a risk of damaging furniture and walls, be sure to lay a coaster or tray when using it. If the stick falls or liquid spills, wipe it off immediately. Please use it away from the wall.

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