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    Color: PINK
    However, it is a room shoe with a natural taste that is ideal for exercising.
    Since there is no heel, it naturally stands on your toes, and a moderate load is applied to your waist, legs, and buttocks.
    Size: W180 x D85 x H90mm
    Compatible size: 23-25cm
    Material: Instep / back: polyester, insole: polyester, bottom: polyester
    ■ Washing: Not possible
    ■ This item is for indoor use only. Do not use outdoors.
    ■ This product cannot be washed or dry cleaned.
    ■ If it gets dirty, moisten it with water and wipe it off with a cloth that has been wrung out tightly.
    ■ Due to the characteristics of the material, it may discolor when exposed to direct sunlight or light for a long time. In addition, some discoloration and color transfer may occur due to rubbing or getting wet.
    ■ Please avoid using it on a rough floor such as a concrete surface.
    ■ If you feel pain or discomfort, discontinue use.
    ■ Do not run with this product on as it may tip over. Also, do not use it when going up and down stairs.
    ■ Start using for a short time while watching the situation.
    ■ Do not use in wet or slippery places.

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