PRIRODA Flat Pouch Clear

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    Color: CLEAR
    The long-awaited new color has appeared in the popular pre-loader series.
    A flat pouch with a cute trendy PVC material.
    If you add your favorite cosmetics, it will make you more fashionable and make you feel better.
    Because it is a clear type, you can see what is in it at a glance.
    You won't get lost in cosmetics and makeup goods.
    Faux leather and gold parts make the cool PVC material a cute and mature rank.
    Size: W210 × H160mm
    Material: Vinyl chloride resin synthetic leather
    ● Washing: Not possible
    ■ Please avoid washing.
    ■ Avoid strong rubbing or getting wet as it may cause discoloration and scratches.
    ■ To remove dirt, soak a cloth in a diluted neutral detergent and wipe it off. Do not use benzine or thinner.
    ■ Please note that dark-colored products may fade or stain due to rubbing or getting wet.
    ■ Please note that applying a strong impact or excessive load to the product may cause damage.
    ■ Due to the characteristics of this product, there is a risk of sticking or color transfer if it comes into close contact with vinyl materials.
    ■ It may be discolored or deformed if it is exposed to direct sunlight or light for a long time.
    ■ If placed near a fire or at high temperature, it may soften or deform.
    ■ Please avoid stacking or storing in a plastic bag.

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