PISOLARE Compact Sofa Bed Pink (W1270 ~ 1720 × D790 ~ 910 × H730 ~ 770)

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    Color: PINK
    A sofa bed that is perfect for a nap.
    It is a sofa bed that is compact but also serves as a bed when you want to take a break and watch TV or read, or when you want to use it as a substitute for a bed when a friend comes. The appearance is fluffy and the sitting comfort is stiff enough to be firmly supported even when you sleep.

    An armrest that can be adjusted to the desired angle
    In addition to sleeping flat, you can adjust the angle and use it like a pillow. It is easy to use even if you use it with a cushion of moderate softness. Since the frill is connected to the armrest, it looks like a floor cushion when it is all defeated. ◆ Side armrest: Adjustable in 14 stages

    Backrest that can be adjusted to a reasonable angle
    The backrest can also be adjusted to the desired angle. Because it has a bulge like a floor cushion, you can feel the softness when sitting. When you sleep, you can feel a sense of freedom by keeping the backrest slightly slanted. ◆ Backrest: Adjustable in 6 stages

    Compact sofa with a minimum of 130cm or less
    If the armrest is closed to the maximum, it becomes a very compact sofa with 126cm. You can usually close it so that you don't feel pressure, and spread it a little when a person arrives, or you can use it like a couch sofa by opening one leg a little and closing one side. The adjustment tips can be moved with a little force when sitting and moving.

    Size: W1270 ~ 1720 × D790 ~ 910 × H730 ~ 770mm
    Material: Upholstery: 100% polyester, Leg: Steel epoxy resin paint finish
    ■ Be careful not to sit on moving parts. It may cause a fall or unexpected injury.
    ■ Assembly instructions: Yes
    ■ Country of origin: China

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