FRAIS Handy Fan Swingstand WHITE

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    Color: WHITE
    The rotating stand exclusively for handy fans has been renewed to a safe antibacterial specification!
    You can enjoy color coordination with the handy fan body with abundant variations of all 4 colors.

    Add a swing function to popular handy fans
    For those who are not good at keeping the wind of the electric fan directly, or with a rotation function recommended for use at the desk It is a stand. There are two rotation angles, 90 degrees and 180 degrees. You can choose according to your preference.
    Also, since it is taller than the charging stand attached to the Frehandy fan body, you can put it on your desk and blow the wind just around your neck. Recommended for those who feel that the height of a normal stand is not enough.
    It is not rechargeable, so please use it by connecting it to a USB cable.

    A comfortable breeze for driving
    The diameter of the rotating stand is the same as the size of a PET bottle, so you can put the stand together in a car drink holder.
    By creating wind inside the car, air circulation is created, supporting comfortable driving.
    Size: W70 × D70 × H90mm
    Material: Body: ABS
    ■ It is a dedicated rotating stand compatible with Frehandy fans.
    ■ Can also be used for past model Frehandy fans.
    ■ Rotation angle: 2 steps (90 degrees, 180 degrees)
    ■ With auto-off function (8 hours)
    ■ Accessories: None (USB cord is not included. Frehandy fan Please use the USB cord for charging that comes with the main unit.)
    ■ Power supply: DC5V 1000mA
    ■ Not compatible with all in-car drink holders. Please check the size in advance before using.
    ■ Instruction manual: Yes
    ■ Warranty: Yes Warranty period: 6 months

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