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    Introducing a waterproof type of popular easy-to-paste and peelable wallpaper.
    A sticker type that just cuts a wallpaper with a width of 45 cm and a length of 250 cm to the desired length and pastes it. Even those who have difficulty using glue on the wall in rental housing and DIY beginners can easily decorate their rooms without failure.

    Easy make-up of the room
    Since it is a removable type that can be stuck and peeled off like a sticker, there is no need for the trouble of attaching glue or the troublesome work of peeling it off.
    You can enjoy remodeling with confidence according to your mood and season.

    How to use, freely
    The length of one roll is 250 cm. The average ceiling height of rental properties is 240 cm, so it is a size design that can reach from the ceiling to the floor with one roll.
    It is recommended to arrange not only the walls of the bath, but also kitchen furniture, storage boxes in the washroom, and miscellaneous goods around the water. You can use the surplus wallpaper without waste.
    It is easy to clean because dirt such as oil splashes and water droplets can be easily wiped off.

    About the material
    Vinyl chloride resin material is used, and it repels water and oil as a characteristic of the material. Although it is a slippery material, it has a surface that does not bother you with unpleasant shine.

    Unlike existing fleece materials, it can also be used around walls in bathrooms, around sinks, and around water in washrooms. (Of course, you can also use it as a normal wallpaper (= vinyl wallpaper) in the living space.)

    Size: W450 x H2500mm
    Material: Surface: Vinyl chloride resin, Intermediate layer: Polyester Adhesive: Acrylic resin, Peeling paper: Paper
    ■ Usable walls: Bathroom walls, decorative plywood, vinyl wallpaper, tiles, olefin wallpaper, stainless steel
    ■ Unusable walls: ceilings, earthen walls, uneven surfaces, concrete, PVC paint, lacquer paint, Walls with varnish coating, gypsum board, and other special processing
    * Cannot be used on surfaces that can be easily peeled off with cellophane tape.
    * Some surfaces with uneven surfaces, specially treated surfaces, aged deterioration, dirty surfaces, and some types of wallpaper may not adhere sufficiently. In addition, some materials with a weak surface such as aged deterioration and decorative paper may come off.
    ■ Because it is a printed product, there may be slight differences in color depending on the production lot.
    ■ Pattern matching is not possible because there are variations in the pattern appearance.
    ■ Please do not use for purposes other than the original purpose.
    ■ When peeling off this product, please peel it off slowly. If you are concerned about stickiness, wipe it off with a wet towel.
    ■ Cannot be used for high-end furniture, overseas products, natural coatings, etc. (Heat-resistant temperature approx. 60 ° C)
    ■ Do not store in direct sunlight or places with high temperature and humidity.
    ■ When disposing of this product and packaging materials, please dispose of them according to the agreement of your local government.
    ■ Please note that the paper that is no longer needed is slippery.
    ■ It is waterproof.
    ■ Before using, be sure to perform a test to attach and peel off in an inconspicuous place, and then use it.
    ■ Please note that it will not stick cleanly if there is dust or humidity.

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