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    Color: MULTI
    A window glass film that does not use glue and can be pasted and peeled off again.
    It is a convenient item that can be fashionably decorated and blindfolded by cutting it to the size you like and pasting it on the window where you are worried about your line of sight.
    It also helps prevent the glass from scattering in case of emergency.
    With 99% UV protection, it is useful not only for skin but also for preventing sunburn on furniture.
    Size: W920 x H900mm
    Material: Vinyl chloride resin, protective film: polyester
    ■ The shatterproof effect of glass is not effective in all environments. The glass may scatter depending on the storage conditions and changes over time.
    ■ Due to the characteristics of the product, it may become cloudy temporarily after being pasted with water, but it will return to its original state as the water drains and dries.
    ■ It takes about one week after pasting for the anti-scattering effect to be exhibited.
    ■ Please attach things facing the outdoors, such as glass doors and windowpanes, from the inside.
    ■ Please avoid the crucifixion work at room temperature and when the surface to be attached is about 5 ℃ or less and 35 ℃ or more.
    ■ Cannot be used for glass doors in the bathroom where water is directly applied.
    ■ Do not use on car glass.
    ■ Please note that the release film that is no longer needed is slippery.
    ■ Wipe off any dirt on the surface of the sheet with a soft cloth dampened with a neutral detergent. Please avoid using thinner, benzine, etc.

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