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    A retro-modern art board with the motif of the Prada entrance.
    Although it is an iconic artwork, it is easy to incorporate because it is monochrome, and the room is chicly organized.
    The surface is fitted with glass, making it solid.
    Size: W570 × H740mm
    Material: Front side: glass, paper, frame: resin, back side, board: MDF
    ■ Do not install or use the product in direct sunlight, near air conditioners, or in hot and humid places.
    ■ When hanging on the wall, pass it through the two holes on the back metal fittings and fasten it.
    ■ Please do not use a string or wire to fasten it in only one place.
    ■ Please hang it on the wall where you can attach nails and hooks.
    ■ Please note that it is very dangerous to drop it.
    ■ When hanging on a nail or hook on the wall, attach it so that it does not separate from the wall.
    ■ Please check the load capacity of nails and hooks before calling. (The weight of the product is about 3.4kg.)
    ■ Please be careful in the event of an earthquake.
    ■ Regularly check that the fasteners are not loose, and if they become loose or damaged, stop using the wall mount.
    ■ Rubbing or hitting the glass surface with a hard or sharp object may cause scratches or damage to the product.
    ■ Do not use damaged items such as chips and cracks.

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