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    Color: YELLOW
    An art board from the MIAMI NICE series that looks pop and a little retro.
    A series featuring the United States in the 1980s, where the world was bright and the most powerful, and various artists and cultures were born.
    The unique design with a single piece is perfect for a modern room.
    Size: W500 x D43 x H700 mm
    Material: Frame: Resin, MDF, Canvas: Polyester Canvas, Hook: Iron
    ■ Do not use in direct sunlight or in a place exposed to light for a long time.
    ■ When hanging on a wall, hang it on a wall where nails and hooks can be attached.
    ■ The weight may damage the wall surface or cause the wall surface to come off.
    ■ Please note that it is very dangerous to drop it.
    ■ Please handle with care as the glass part may break due to impact.
    ■ Do not use damaged items such as chips and cracks.
    ■ When hanging on a nail or hook on the wall, attach it so that it does not separate from the wall.
    ■ Check the load capacity of nails and hooks before hanging. (The weight of the product is about 2 kg)
    ■ Please note that the metal part may rust if used in a hot and humid place.
    ■ Please be careful in the event of an earthquake.
    ■ Regularly check that the fasteners are not loose, and if they become loose or damaged, stop using the wall mount.

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