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    Color: MULTI
    Set in Miami, which was longed for as a resort area, it is an art board of the MIAMI NICE series that looks a little retro when viewed in pop.
    A POP design featuring the United States in the 1980s, when the world was bright and full of power, and various artists and cultures were born.
    Please use it as an accent for your favorite space.
    Size: W800 x H800mm
    Material: Acrylic, back frame part: PS resin
    ■ Because this is a large size, it will be a large item delivery.
    ■ Do not use in direct sunlight or in a place exposed to light for a long time.
    ■ If you want to hang it on the wall, attach the wall mount to the wall where you can attach nails and hooks. The weight may damage the wall surface or cause the wall surface to come off. Please note that it is very dangerous if you drop it.
    ■ There is no fastener on the back side. Be sure to attach the included hook and hook it. For how to attach the metal fittings, refer to the attached attachment method.
    ■ Please be careful in the event of an earthquake. Secure the screws.
    ■ Regularly check that the wall mount is not loose, and if it is loose or damaged, stop using it.
    ■ If you leave it leaning against it, it may warp. Please note.
    ■ Do not wipe the acrylic surface with thinner, alcohol, benzine or other organic solvent.

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