PROFONDO TV BOARD Dark Brown (W2000×D450×H425)

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    Color: DARK BROWN

    We are aiming to create a new standard of furniture that will create a comfortable room with furniture, rugs and art that match the Japanese lifestyle.

    This is a TV board using high-quality smoked oak.
    By using high-quality materials in spite of its simple design, we have created a well-balanced item that is not simple.

    W200㎝ size deployment that can also install a large LCD TV. A wiring opening is attached to the center of the main unit, and it is possible to sufficiently connect the electric device installed on the shelf board to the TV.

    The sliding trillion metal fittings used for the storage doors on both the left and right sides are metal fittings that do not make noise when the door is closed. Therefore, vibration is also reduced, so you can use the door without damage and internal damage.

    ◆What is smoked oak wood?
    Oak wood is placed in a special machine and steamed with hot steam for several days to tannin and iron the oak wood. It is a smoked oak veneer made in Germany that is produced by a method that oxidizes and turns black. Because it is a method of oxidizing the components that originally exist in oak wood, not only the surface of the veneer but also the inside has the same color as the surface. Even if it is scratched, a different color base does not appear and the scratches are not noticeable.
    Size: W2000×D450×H425mm
    Against load: Main body 25kg, Drawer 8kg

    Material: Body: MDF smoked oak veneer urethane coating, legs: Steel epoxy resin coating
    ■Completed product■ Because of the natural wood veneer, there are individual differences in the grain.
    ■ Owner's manual: Yes
    ■ Country of origin: China

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