STELO COFFEE TABLE 100 BLACK (W1000 × D500 × H410)

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    Color: BLACK
    We are aiming to create a new standard for furniture that will allow you to create comfortable rooms with furniture, rugs, and art that match the Japanese lifestyle. A contemporary Scandinavian design with a steel texture in order to create a cool impression by using a French designer at a Danish factory. Contemporary Scandinavian design with a steel texture. This is a unique design that makes use of sheet metal and pipe welding technology and leaves a little ruggedness. prefer industrial tastes or a taste of modern tastes, this Stello series offers a wide range of coordination.
    Material strong> The steel part is a painting method called sand, and it has a rough matte finish, giving it a texture The frame uses a rectangular pipe with a rectangular cross section, which is not only strong but also designed to look more delicate depending on the angle. The shelves are also stuck to details, such a Storability strong> By setting the space between shelves to 360mm, A4 files and notebooks can be stored neatly. In addition, the remote control and small miscellaneous goods can be placed on the shelf, so you can always keep the top plate clean. Both the coffee table and the side table have the same height, so you can arrange them in parallel, for example by arranging them side by side. Adjuster included strong> Adjuster is attached to the tip of the foot to support various floors. In order not to impair the design, it is hidden under the frame and has a different color.
    Size: W1000 × D500 × H410mm
    Between shelves: 360mm
    Adjuster: Available
    Material: Steel: Epoxy resin finish
    ■ Finished product
    ■ Accessories: Leg adjuster
    ■ Manual: Available
    ■ Country of origin: Vietnam

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