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    Color: MULTI
    We are aiming for a new "Normal Standard" of furniture that will make it possible to create a comfortable room with furniture, rugs and art that suits the Japanese lifestyle.
    An art frame that is easy to incorporate as an accent to decorate the walls of modern rooms.
    The frame also uses a wooden frame that makes the design look neat.
    Also, because it is lightweight, it is a product that you can easily coordinate the wall surface.
    Size: W530 × D30 × H730mm
    Material: Polyester, frame: MDF
    ■ When hanging on the wall, attach the attached string to the triangular can.
    ■ At that time, make sure that the knot of the string is tightly tied.
    ■ Also, hang it on the wall where you can attach nails and hooks.
    ■ The weight may damage the wall surface or cause the wall surface to come off.
    ■ It is very dangerous to drop it, so check the load capacity of the nails and hooks before hanging. (The weight of the product is about 1.5kg.)
    ■ Do not use damaged items such as chips and cracks.
    ■ Please be careful in the event of an earthquake.
    ■ Regularly check that the fasteners are not loose, and if they become loose or damaged, stop using the wall mount.

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