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It is a makeup puff that can be used in 2WAY with a cute motif. The surface is silicon and... Read more
It is a makeup puff that can be used in 2WAY with a cute motif. The surface is silicon and the back is puffed. The surface silicon has a slippery surface compared to a sponge, so it is difficult to feel friction even on sensitive skin, and it is also active in not only foundation but also cosmetic liquid, milky lotion and teak. In addition, since it does not inhale the foundation, it can be spread over the entire face in a small amount , which also saves cosmetics. You can apply the whole surface evenly with the silicon on the front, by using the back puff finely for the part that is hard to be applied finely and the part that becomes uneven. Because it can be washed with soap. and hand soap, it can be used repeatedly and in a clean state, and it is convenient to carry because the case is attached.
Size: W48 × H55mm
Material: Table: 100% silicone, back: hydrophilic polyurethane
■ Surfaces such as vinyl film can be formed during silicon formation. Please use as it is without peeling off.
■ This product can be washed with water. If it gets dirty, gently wash it with a commercially available cleaner or neutral detergent, and then dry it thoroughly in a well-ventilated place away from direct sunlight.
■ Do not give a strong impact or use it in an excessively sharp object or near a fire.
■ Be careful not to get this in your eyes when using it near eyelids or eyes.
■ Do not use in places that are scratched or inflamed.
■ If you notice any abnormalities on your skin after using the product, immediately consult a doctor, ask for instructions and bring this product for medical examination.
■ Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
■ Use and store out of reach of small children and pets.

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