ABILE CHAIR BROWN (W470 × D550 × H795 )


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    (Pre order Online - Available in 2 months)MODERN WORKS We are aiming to create a new standard for furniture that... Read more

    (Pre order Online - Available in 2 months)


    We are aiming to create a new standard for furniture that will allow you to create comfortable rooms with furniture, rugs, and art that match your Japanese lifestyle. It is a chair with a chic and calm atmosphere by using matte black slender legs on high-quality raised fabric. A chair that allows you to relax and give it a light hold. This is a chair with a light hold feeling, characterized by a backrest line that gently extends from The top of the back to both sides of the seat. It can be used not only as a dining table chair but also as a desk chair. Recommended for those who spend a lot of time dining with their family and friends, such as chatting in Because the cushion is firm, it can be comfortably spent sitting for a long time, unlike a soft cushion. There is a gap between the back and the seating surface, making it difficult to collect dust and cleaning is comfortable. Brushed fabric that gives you tHe feeling of being in touch with your pet. It is thought to relax in the room for a long time. Brushed direction in various directions, light and shade of color that does not become monotonous when exposed to light can be expressed.
    Size: W470 × D550 × H795 (SH450) mm
    Material: Upholstery: 100% polyester, Leg: Steel epoxy resin coating
    ■ Finished product
    ■ Manual: Available
    ■ Country of origin: China

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