TRONCO COFFEE TABLE HIGH Black x Natural (W520×D520×H555)

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    MODERN WORKS We are aiming to create a new standard of furniture that will create a comfortable room with furniture,... Read more
    We are aiming to create a new standard of furniture that will create a comfortable room with furniture, rugs and art that match the Japanese lifestyle.

    This series combines Vietnamese craftsmanship and Swedish design in a small factory.
    A sleek TRONCO table with a sophisticated Scandinavian modern design and a combination of oak power and a high-quality natural rattan material. Careful in various design details and shapes, skilled techniques are required, and each one is carefully made. As it is a product with a strong presence, it is recommended as a +α furniture proposal.

    Different material
    Ratan carefully woven with matt black oak wood It is a unique product that combines the bases of. The rattan of the base is carefully woven and finished by craftsmen one by one. Since rattan is a natural material, there are individual color differences and a unique look. There is no same thing, so please enjoy it as a unique product.

    The base is curved to give it a soft feel. Due to the color difference of rattan and the degree of light hit, you can feel the three-dimensional effect and the natural goodness of nature. On the other hand, the top plate is matt painted and thin and delicately finished, so it has a strong contrast with the base and has a strong presence.

    Scandinavian design
    The characteristic of Scandinavian design is to combine curves and straight lines well, and to take advantage of the individuality of the material. By making the top plate sharply made of an inorganic material, it is a table that you can feel the Italian modern design without making it soft. It is a product that has a strong presence when coordinated alone.
    Size: W520×D520×H555mm 
    Material:Top plate: MDF oak veneer urethane resin paint finish, legs: rattan
    ■ Finished product
    ■ Accessories: Plastic legs
    ■ Instruction manual: Yes
    ■ Country of origin: Vietnam

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