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    A diatomaceous earth bath mat with a beautiful marble print. The myriad of fine "holes" on the surface of diatomaceous... Read more
    A diatomaceous earth bath mat with a beautiful marble print.
    The myriad of fine "holes" on the surface of diatomaceous earth absorb water instantaneously, and when the water reaches a certain amount, it releases water by autonomous respiration. The surface is always dry by this humidity control function. It can be used comfortably by suppressing the growth of fungi and mold.
    Recommended as an accent in the bathroom interior.
    Size: W600 × D400 × H10mm
    Material: Diatomaceous earth, vegetable fiber
    ■ Accessories: Sandpaper (paper, abrasive)
    ※ Before use ※
    ■ This diatomaceous earth bath mat has a small amount of powder attached to the surface during manufacturing and packing. If you use it as it is, color may adhere to the floor, clothes, and skin. Wipe off the powder with an unnecessary towel before use.

    ■ Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose. It may cause an accident or damage.
    ■ Due to the properties of the material, chipping and fine powder appear on the surface, but since it comes naturally from the components, there is no quality problem.
    ■ Because the back side is not processed, the floor may be scratched.
    ■ Due to manufacturing, there may be a slight warpage.
    ■ Do not use the product on storage under the floor. It may cause damage.
    ■ Do not use the product directly in hot or cold places or in the bathroom.
    ■ Do not immerse in hot water or water for a long time, or apply large amounts of water or water. It may cause deterioration and damage.
    ■ Shade each time you use it. Do not dry in the sun or in a heater. It may cause warping or cracking.
    ■ Do not use in places with underfloor heating.
    ■ After use, please keep the mat upright and dry.
    ■ Please use on a flat place with hardness. Applying pressure to the mat or using it in a soft place or a place with a high cushioning property may cause cracking.
    ■ Do not use detergents containing surfactants as they may cause clogging.
    ■ If the water absorbency drops, it can be recovered by sanding the surface thinly.
    ■ If you absorb colored water, it may remain as a stain.

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