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    Room fragrance like fresh apple juice to drink on vacation abroad. A cute design that reduces the amount of apples... Read more
    Room fragrance like fresh apple juice to drink on vacation abroad.
    A cute design that reduces the amount of apples in the bottle as the contents decrease.
    The room is a Latin resort with the sweet and gentle aroma of green apples.

    ◆ bitten green apple (fragrance inspired by a bitten green apple)
    Top: apple / orange / mixed fruity / green tea / lavender / lime / lemon / rosewood
    Middle: jasmine / Apple / Muguet / Iran / Iran / Cyclamen
    Base: Musk / Peach / Frankincense / Amber
    Size: W85 x D85 x H270mm Capacity: 220ml Package: W95 x D95 x H270mm Stick: 250mm
    Material: Glass, solvent, fragrance
    ■ Duration of fragrance: about 2 to 3 months
    * Depends on usage conditions and environment.
    ■ Stick: 6 x black fiber
    ■ Alcohol: none
    Flash point: 85-90 °
    ■ Pour oil gently and slowly insert several sticks provided. please. The liquid may spill if it is inserted all at once, so insert it while watching the condition little by little while soaking the liquid in the stick.
    ■ The scent can be adjusted by the number of sticks used. * If the fragrance is strong, reduce the number of sticks.
    ■ If you change the stick up and down every few days, the fragrance will increase and you can enjoy the spread of the fragrance.
    ■ When replacing, be careful not to get the liquid splash or the liquid dripping onto your clothes, floor, furniture, etc.
    ■ This product is not food or drink. Please be careful about ingestion.
    If swallowed, consult a physician immediately, consult your doctor and bring this product for a diagnosis.
    ■ During use, the color of the stick may seep into the liquid or discoloration may occur in rare cases, but this is not a problem.
    ■ Use and store out of reach of children and pets.
    ■ Be careful not to touch the fragrance oil on the skin, as it may cause allergy. If it gets on your skin, rinse immediately. If abnormalities appear on your skin, seek medical advice.
    ■ If you feel sick during use, stop using and ventilate.
    ■ Please use on a flat place.
    Use and store away from high temperatures, direct sunlight and fire.
    ■ Do not use for anything other than its intended purpose.
    Depending on the use and storage conditions, the liquid may become cloudy or sedimentary, or rarely discolor, but there is no problem with the quality.
    ■ Be sure to lay a coaster or tray when using it as it may damage furniture and walls. If the stick falls or liquid spills, wipe it off immediately. Also, use it away from the wall.

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