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    A candle with a flower in a gel and a cute design as an object. The series concept is "fragrant... Read more
    A candle with a flower in a gel and a cute design as an object.
    The series concept is "fragrant bouquet." I choose flowers that have wonderful flower words, so I recommend it as a gift.

    ◆ GRACEFUL DAHLIA fragrance
    ◆ Flower language (dahlia): "grace" "gratitude" "rich love" Dahlia that has a gorgeous impression even if it is a single wheel The flowers are lined with flowers that remind you of a dignified and gorgeous woman who says "grace" and "brilliance." Also, from the words of "gratitude" and "rich affection", it is a flower that can be recommended as a gift to various people
    Size: Bottle: φ67 × H80mm Cap: φ78 × H11mm
    Package: W88 × D88 × H90mm
    Material: Gel candle, fragrance, artificial flower, dried flower, sand
    ■ Duration of fragrance: Approximately 8 hours
    * Varies depending on usage conditions and environment.
    ■ Melting point: 80 degrees
    ■ When using, please be careful of fire, fire and burns.
    ■ Do not touch this product as it will become very hot during combustion.
    ■ When using, please install it within easy reach and do not move this product after lighting it.
    ■ Never use at bedtime.
    ■ Use in a stable place and be careful not to fall.
    ■ Do not use near flammable or heat-sensitive materials such as furniture, floors, and plastics.
    -If wax is melted and blown out from a close distance or water is splashed on it, the wax may scatter and cause burns.
    ■ Do not use the attached lid when digesting.
    ■ Please use the lid to prevent dust after the fire is completely extinguished.
    ■ Do not use for any purpose other than that.
    ■ Please keep away from high temperature and humidity and direct sunlight.
    -Use and store the product out of reach of children and pets.
    ■ Since we use natural materials, there may be some floating matter or turbidity derived from the materials, but this is not a quality problem.
    ■ The material may fade due to direct sunlight and fragrance, but this is not a quality problem.

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