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    Francfranc 3WAY hammock with original design. You can enjoy the rich flowing time, swayed by the long-awaited hammock where you can... Read more
    Francfranc 3WAY hammock with original design. 
    You can enjoy the rich flowing time, swayed by the long-awaited hammock where you can relax and feel the wind. 

    3WAY type that can be used indoors and outdoors
    Many people have long admired the playful hammock since their childhood. With this item, you can easily fulfill your dream of hammocking at home. 
    Because it is a 3WAY type, you can transform the stand into a stylish indoor drape by hanging the attached hanger pole on the chair that gently swings if you reassemble the stand. 
    Even outside you can use it to dry clothes and hand-washed towels after playing in the river. 
    You can use it easily and with peace of mind because it will play an active role in your daily life and leisure. 

    Convenient storage bag
    Comes with a convenient storage bag. If you fold the stand and put it in, you can carry it around your shoulder like a backpack. 
    Very convenient for moving places and using outdoors.
    Size: Hammock: W2300×D730×H910mm
    Chair and hanger rack: W1150×D730×1090mm
    Storage: About W1110mm×φ200mm
    Material: Frame/Hanger Pole: Steel Epoxy resin paint finish
    Hammock cloth/chair cloth: 100% polyester
    Bag: 100% polyester
    ■ Load capacity: 100 kg
    ■ Target height: 180 cm or less
    ■ Accessories: Frame, storage bag, chair fabric, hammock fabric, hanger pole ■ Instruction manual: Yes
    ■ Country of origin: China

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