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    A roll of removable wallpaper with the size of 45cm x 50cm. It can be applied or removed easily. Perfect... Read more

    A roll of removable wallpaper with the size of 45cm x 50cm. It can be applied or removed easily. Perfect for rental house and DIY beginners to change the style of your room.Decorate your room in a simple way -The excellent balance of uneven surface and stickiness allows you to apply or remove the wallpaper easily. It takes years of study to achieve this effect. No glue or paste is required. Just simply peel off backing paper and stick the wallpaper against the wall. The grid prints on the back can help you to cut straightly. Provide a simple and fun way to change your room up to your mood or season. -Various usage -The length of this roll of wallpaper is 250cm, which is more than enough for normal wall. The prints will repeat in every 50cm, making it easy for connection. After decorating the wall, remaining parts can be used for decorating furniture, storage boxes and photo frames, adding more fun and charm to your space. -Quality materials -This is made of non-woven fabric, a mostly-used wallpaper material in foreign countries. More durable that paper made products. Super safe to use as it achieves the highest safety level for formaldehyde.

    Size: W450 x D2500mm

    Material: Non woven fabric

    Compatible wall: vinyl wallpaper, concrete, fancy plywood, gypsum board, other walls properly treated with putty or sealer.

    Incompatible walls: paper wallpaper, sand wall, cotton wall (fiber wall), olefin wallpaper, other Walls doing special processing.

    Product cannot be reused after they are peeled off for a long time.

    Print paint will blister when wiped with water.

    Waterproof processing is not applied for this product. Check and make sure to paste and peel off at a place that does not stand out.

    Two or more people shall make the wallpaper pasting easier and outcome shall be more beautiful.

    Be careful not to harm wallpaper and walls when using a spatula or smoother for pasting.

    It can not be beautifully pasted when there is dust and moisture.

    Made in Japan

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