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    It is a 90cm wide x 250cm long wallpaper that can be easily peeled off. A sticker type that can... Read more
    It is a 90cm wide x 250cm long wallpaper that can be easily peeled off.
    A sticker type that can be cut to the desired length and pasted. Even for people who have difficulty using glue on the wall in a rental house or who are new to DIY, you can easily decorate your room without failure.
    Because the width is twice as wide as the normal type, the pattern area is large, and by sticking it on one piece, it becomes the main character of the interior.
    It's better than buying two regular types.

    Easy make-up in the room
    Because it is a removable type that can be affixed like a sticker, there is no need to attach glue or troublesome work to remove it. The secret that can be easily peeled off is the perfect balance of embossing on the surface and adhesiveness on the back. This is a unique technique that has been researched and developed over two years.
    Since the grid-shaped guide is printed on the back side, it is easy to cut straight.
    You can enjoy redecorating with peace of mind according to your mood and season.

    Freedom to use
    The length of one roll is 250 cm. The average height of the ceiling of the rental property is 240 cm, so it is designed to reach from the ceiling to the floor with one roll. Since the pattern is repeated every 50 cm in height, it is possible to cut and join the parts where it is easy to match the pattern.
    It is also recommended to arrange not only walls, but other items such as furniture, storage boxes, and photo frames. You can use the extra wallpaper without waste.

    Durable and reliable material
    The body uses fleece (nonwoven fabric). Unlike paper, it is strong and hard to tear, making it the most popular material in overseas wallpapers. The reliable quality that has obtained F☆☆☆☆ (Four Star), the highest standard of formaldehyde grade, is also a nice point.
    Size: W900 x H2500 mm
    Material: Surface material: Pulp/Polyester, Back side paste: Acrylic resin, Back paper: Paper/Polyethylene
    ■ Usable wall: Vinyl wallpaper, concrete, decorative plywood, gypsum board, and other walls properly treated with putty and sealer
    ■ Unusable wall: paper wallpaper, sand wall, cotton wall (fiber wall), olefin Walls that have special processing such as wallpaper
    ■Please note that products that have been pasted for a long time cannot be reused after being peeled off.
    ■ Please note that the print paint may bleed when wiped with water.
    ■It is not waterproofed.
    ■Before using it, be sure to test it by putting it on an unobtrusive place and peeling it off before using.
    ■ It is easier to paste more neatly when working with two or more people.
    ■When applying a spatula or smoother, be careful not to damage the wallpaper or wall.
    ■ Please note that dust or moisture may not stick cleanly.

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