SABBIA Sofa (W720 x D745 x H750)

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    We are aiming to create a new standard of furniture that will create a comfortable room with furniture, rugs and art that match the Japanese lifestyle.

    This series combines Vietnamese craftsmanship and Swedish design in a small factory.
    Based on a sophisticated Scandinavian modern design, the dazzling Notte series combines the strength of oak and brass with a high-class feel of different materials and rattan of natural materials. Careful about various design details, skillful techniques are required, and each one is carefully made. It has the same paint and texture, so it has compatibility with the series, but it also goes well with natural furniture and trendy brass goods.

    Different materials
    Strong and delicate steel pipes are simply arranged to give a sophisticated image. On the other hand, the seating surface and the back of the body are made of a slightly hardened urethane and velvet cloth is used luxuriously, giving it a soft feel and a high-quality finish. In addition, the seat has a large inclination, so it is a sofa where you can store your body naturally. You can also enjoy the solid oak provided on the arm as a point.

    Frames are simply composed of straight lines and curves. It is an efficient structure in which side frames assembled in a square shape are connected by an arch-shaped frame, and the seating surface is placed on it. When used independently as a personal sofa, it looks beautiful from the back, from the side, and from all angles.

    Scandinavian design
    A distinctive Scandinavian design product that makes good use of the goodness of materials. By using delicate lines and finishing sharply, it is a sofa that you can feel the Italian modern design without making it soft. Of course, it can be combined with a large sofa, or as a cross-legged chair, it will add color to your room when coordinated alone.
    Size: W720 x D745 x H750 (SH440) mm 
    Material: Fabric: 100% polyester, Frame: Steel epoxy resin paint finish
    ■ Finished product
    ■ Accessories: Felt felt
    ■ Instruction manual: Yes
    ■ Country of origin: Vietnam

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