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HK$ 350.00
Fragrance oil from the popular Sophistins series. The set comes with a stick, so you can purchase it at a... Read more
Fragrance oil from the popular Sophistins series.
The set comes with a stick, so you can purchase it at a great price.

A refreshing fragrance with a refreshing scent and heavy accents.

◆ Fruity ◆
Luscious scents of orange flower, grapefruit, vanilla, etc.
・Top note: grapefruit, orange, blackcurrant
・Middle note: orange flower, rose, lilac < -> Base notes: vanilla, musk, sandalwood
Size: W55 x D70 x H310mm Capacity: 250ml
Material: Fragrance, plastic, willow
■ Aromatic period guideline: 6 sticks will be used for about 3 to 4 months
■ (especially in summer) The oil will decrease abruptly at the beginning of use, but evaporation will be delayed after a certain period of time.
■The scent remains on the stick even when the oil is low.
■ Flash point: 13℃, alcohol: 87%
■ Branch stick: 6
■ Pour oil into a dedicated container and insert the included stick to use it indoors.
■If you feel a strong scent, please reduce the sticks before use.
■This product contains alcohol. Never use on the fire side.
■ This product is an indoor air freshener. Do not get it on your skin or eyes or swallow it.
■ In case it is swallowed or swallowed, immediately spit it out and rinse the mouth. Should it get in your eyes, rinse immediately. In any case, please consult a specialist immediately.
-Do not spill furniture, appliances, plastic products, floors, clothes, etc., and do not let oil touch them. It may cause discoloration or damage to the material. When using, be sure to place it on a flat surface on a coaster, tray, etc., and keep it sufficiently away from the wall surface.
■ Please use and store in a place where children and pets do not come near and avoid direct sunlight and high temperatures. Do not lie it on its side or turn it upside down, as it may cause leaks and should be securely closed when storing.
■Due to the characteristics of the product, precipitates and discoloration (including discoloration over time) may be observed, but this is not a problem for use.

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