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    The back is like a seal, and it is a toothbrush holder that can be used on any wall. Since... Read more
    The back is like a seal, and it is a toothbrush holder that can be used on any wall.
    Since water does not collect, it can be stored neatly, and a storage space can easily be created around water such as baths, washrooms, and kitchens.
    Can be used as a hook as well as a toothbrush.
    The cute and impactful design is recommended for gifts combined with toothbrushes.

    ◆ Places where it can be used: Flat surface without unevenness, plastic (resin surface), tile surface larger than this product, stainless steel, thick glass, mirror
    Size: W100 × D90 × H22mm
    Material: Hook: polyethylene, body: polyethylene terephthalate, back sheet: SEBS
    ■ A place where it can be used: A flat surface without unevenness ・ Plastic (resin surface) ・ A tile surface larger than this product ・ Stainless steel ・ Thick glass ・ Mirror
    ■ A place where it cannot be used: A wall such as cloth or vinyl cloth, a wooden wall, Plaster, mortar, printed plywood, painted walls, textile surfaces, leather surfaces, natural stones, uneven surfaces, curved surfaces, tiles smaller than this product, unglazed tiles, ground glass, thin glass, etc.
    ■ Note
    Please make sure that there is no wobble in the hook before use.
    Do not use near fire.
    Wipe off any dirt on the surface to be pasted with a cloth etc., and paste in a clean state.
    Although this product can be re-applied, the adhesive strength may decrease over time and frequency of use.
    Do not use hot water or detergent.
    Please do not use for any purpose other than.
    Do not hang heavy or broken objects.
    After use, please remove from the body without pulling the hook when removing from the wall etc.

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