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    A long cushion (dakimakura) that feels good to the touch and is easy to incorporate into coordination.
    The front and back surfaces that come into contact with the skin are made of warm microfiber fabric with a smooth velvet-like feel.
    The comfort that makes you want to keep it with you at home, whether you are relaxing or sleeping in your room.
    The cover is a washing machine, and the middle material can be washed by hand, so it can be used cleanly at any time.

    Soft, light and warm. Comfortable sleeping with microfiber bedding.
    Francfranc's microfiber bedding is made of ultra-fine fibers that are finely textured, soft and smooth to the touch.
    Air is trapped between the fibers to keep the body warm and warm.
    The fabric with excellent moisturizing properties reduces the feeling of sickness when entering the futon and supports a comfortable sleep.
    Size: W700 x D200mm
    Material: Cover part: 100% polyester, Cushion part: 100% polyester
    ● Washing: Possible (Cover only / Weak 30 ℃)
    ● Dry cleaning: Impossible
    ■ Tumble drying: Impossible
    ■ Iron: Impossible
    ■ Due to the characteristics of the material, long hours of sunlight, light, etc. It may discolor when it hits.
    ■ Color may fade or stain (transfer) to other items due to rubbing or washing with water.
    ■ It shrinks a little when washed with water.
    ■ The cover part can be put in a washing net and the liquid temperature can be up to 30 ℃, and very weak washing can be done with a washing machine.
    ■ Please wash your hands while adjusting the shape of the cushion.
    ■ Please use liquid oxygen bleach when bleaching.
    ■ After washing, do not leave it wet, but dry it immediately.
    ■ Please avoid tumble drying as it may cause shrinkage.
    ■ When drying, please dry in a well-ventilated shade.
    ■ When putting the cushion in the cover, be careful as the cover may be torn if you apply force.
    ■ If you do not use the product for a while, dry it in a well-ventilated shade and store it in a dry place.
    ■ Fluffing and pilling may occur due to use and washing. In addition, the inner cotton may blow out.

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