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    HK$ 250.00
    DesriptionA gorgeous pastel... Read more
    A gorgeous pastel scallop series with a simple design.
    In the shape of an elegant flower, I simply put a gold rim.
    A stand that can be served with petit desserts and light meals to create a shop-like atmosphere. It also looks great as a storage place for accessories and small items, and it is an assembly type that does not take up space for storage.
    Size: W175 x H230mm
    Material: Newborn China
    ● Microwave oven: Impossible
    ● Oven: Impossible
    ● Dishwasher: Impossible
    ■ Due to the characteristics of the product, small holes called pinholes and black spots may be seen on the surface. Please enjoy it as a texture.
    ■ Country of origin: China

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