Are you looking for something to re-modeling your home within a limited budget? Buying a new rug is a very good idea. Francfranc offer rugs with different style and feature. Get one to enrich your home style now!

Popular series

If you want a warm tone color rugs for your home, NUVOKASTE series will be the perfect choice. With round and square shape, it can easy mix & match with your home.


Easy to clean and absorbs dust

Our rugs can absorbs dust, and less dust will be flying through the air. They can be cleaned by water so that you can clear the dust easily. Some of our series can also use washing machine to wash (please refer to the instruction).

Sound Insulation & Absorb noise of footstep 

 If you have a pet or child at home, the very best way is to use rug to absorb noise of footstep. Even you move the furniture, the noise can be insulation. We highly recommend to use if you are living in a flat.

Prevent damage to furniture & floor

If you are renting a house with a child, you will know that stretch is easy to made with. With rugs you can prevent this damage to your furniture & floor.

Popular size

Create a new look for your home